How Trump Could Help the Economy

Have you ever wondered how presidential candidate Donald Trump can help the economy? According to his campaign goals, he promises to improve the US economy implementing several reforms:


Tax reform

On the website Trump lists four primary goals as a framework for his tax reform:

  1. Tax relief for middle-class Americans. Trump believes that people can achieve their American dream if they have more money available to spend. Their American dream can be accomplished by cutting tax wages: People who earn less than $25,000 married or single, they shouldn’t be paying taxes. Another goal is to eliminate the marriage penalty and the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).
  1. Simplify the tax code. He believes this strategy will alleviate problems Americans face when they do their taxes. This plan will also allow Americans to keep more money in their pockets boosting consumer spending, encouraging savings and investments. According to the website, the Trump plan will eliminate income tax for over 73 million households. Additional 42 million households will file a simplified version of the income tax reducing not only stress but also uncertainty and preparation costs.
  1. Grow the American economy. Trump plans to make America globally competitive again by adding more jobs instead of sending jobs overseas and by discouraging corporate inversions.
  1. Does not add to our debt and deficit. Trump plans to avoid adding more debt and deficit for the US economy.


Closing tax loopholes

By bringing back jobs from China, Japan, India and other countries, Donald Trump is promising to bring the US back to a “Level that you have not seen before.”

Some of the strategies he plans to implement include closing the loopholes for tax heavens. He mentions that by doing this, trillions of dollars that are currently stuck in other countries will be back to the US and therefore, improve the US economy as a whole.

Trump plans to have a more dynamic economy by not only bringing jobs back to the US but also by cutting companies costs. He mentioned in a previous interview posted on that his strategy will also help save Social Security and Medicare.


Restructuring the Defense Department budget and Department of Education

Trump strategic plan includes reducing the defense department and department of education budget. He believes that those departments can be more efficient, and they will save the US an enormous amount of money if they are more effective utilizing their resources. As a very successful business person, he assures the American people he got the vision and strategies to make this happen.


Healthcare reform

Trump plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act-Obamacare. He believes this legislation has resulted in fewer choices, less competition and created an economic uncertainty of the American people. He plans to work with Congress to design a series of measures that will be ready to implement restoring economic freedom and certainty for the American people.

Trump plans include requiring price transparency from all healthcare providers, allowing individuals to shop for the best options, exams or medical-related procedures available.

This article only covers Trump reforms related to the US economy. Trump has an initial outline of all the reforms he plans to implement available at his website:

Hillary Wins California

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton has always been the favorite to win the democratic nomination ever since the first super tuesday. Senator Bernard Sanders was a huge underdog that no one really expected to win. As the primaries began to roll along Sanders was nipping at Hillary’s lead although she has had most of the superdelegate support from the beginning. The amount of states that needed to vote was dwindling as the race grew tighter. Both potential democratic nominees have a real chance to pull away and California was going to be the deciding factor. The amount of delegates in California is the most out of any other states. California has 172 delegates, a large number like this could sway an election in either direction. Sanders needed to win a majority in California to stay alive and Clinton needed California to seal the deal.

Likely Democratic nominee Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton won California in a dominating fashion. The spread on her victory was 12.5 points. This spread was far larger than what news stations like CBS and NBC was predicting with a 2 point spread. Clinton can attribute her victory in California to a number of things that her campaign did correctly. The most important of her strategy to win California was finding and targeting her voters. You can have a majority of people believe in your beliefs but if they do not come out and vote then you will not make it into office. Clinton’s camp knew that this will be vital to extending the campaign and executed efficiently. Clinton targeted older and frequent voters that were already leaning toward voting for her and that were likely to vote by mail. The campaign also targeted the demographics that would likely vote for Clinton. Those demographics are women and minorities. The way they campaigned to this demographic is different than how voters are usually approached. Every wednesdays women to women phone banks were conducted and her campaign was able to approach voters in 7 different languages. Support from prominent figures in the minorities communities was also a huge boost. Celebrities and elected officials campaigned for Clinton which helped increase the voter turn out in favor of Hillary Clinton.

“The focus on the early vote and the focus on diversity I think is really a big piece of how and why we won,” said Buffy Wicks, Clinton’s state director.

Clinton was able to out maneuver Sanders by taking the fight to California before Sanders even considered it. Being heavily funded played a role in properly allocating the money and resources to securing votes in California way before mailing in a ballet was an option. Hillary’s husband and former president Bill Clinton also helped in a tremendous way. Bill was holding many events in the state a couple days before the primary. He was targeting places that have not been campaigned on as much as the primary key voter targets.

By taking California, CLinton has her eyes now set on Donald Trump and defeating the Republican party in the General Election this November.

Trump “Loves” Women. Do They Love Him?

The presumptive Republican nominee continues to boast that he will appeal more to women than Hillary Clinton in November’s general election. But do the polls back up his claims?

Trump’s comments on the subject have been, as to be expected at this point, met with praise by his base and protest by his competitors.

Trump: Hillary’s “woman card” is propping up her polls

Last month, Donald Trump accused Clinton of playing the “woman card” and suggested she would be a failed candidate if she were a man.

“Well I think the only card she has is the woman’s card. She’s got nothing else going. And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5% of the vote.”

The line got an eye roll from Governor Chris Christie’s wife, Mary Pat Christie, who was standing behind Trump. It also got a response from Clinton, albeit a carefully scripted one, using the opportunity to shift back to policy differences between the two candidates.

“Well, if fighting for women’s healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in.”


New York Times article slams Trump for “crossing the line” with women

Keeping the issue of sexism alive, a recent New York Times article ( accuses Donald Trump of sexual misconduct in the workplace throughout his career.

In the article, Trump defended himself saying, “A lot of things get made up over the years. I have always treated women with great respect. And women will tell you that.”

The Times says it interviewed 50 female associates of Trump and those interviews “reveal unwelcome advances, a shrewd reliance on ambition, and unsettling misconduct in the workplace.”

As soon as it hit the press, Donald Trump immediately took to Twitter ( to denounce the article.

@RealDonaldTrump: “No wonder the @nytimes is failing—who can believe what they write after the false, malicious & libelous story they did on me.” He added, “Over 50 women were interviewed by the @nytimes yet they only wrote about 6. That’s because there were so many positive statements.”

It’s clear that Trump isn’t shying away from the issue, but the left is doing their best to make sure it doesn’t fade out of the spotlight any time soon.


Super PAC ad attacks Trump using his own words

A new ad from the super PAC Priorities USA shows women reciting quotes from Trump in an attempt to use his own words against him.

The ad asks, “Does Donald Trump really speak for you?”

Trump fired back ( “Amazing that Crooked Hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the WORST abuser of woman in U.S. political history.”


How does Trump fair with women in the polls?

With all of Trump’s comments, political and media criticisms considered, and amidst the rising republican acceptance of his nomination, where does the GOP candidate stand with women in the most recent polling?

– March Quinnipiac University poll: Trump -10%

– April NBC/Wall Street Journal poll: Trump -25%

– April Gallup poll: 70% women unfavorable view of Trump

As he says, “I love the women.” The question remains, however, if women will love Trump in November. The polls show Hillary leading with women, but with plenty of time left between now and the general election, and a growing sentiment in the Republican party to unite around their presumptive nominee, Trump still has a chance to back up his claims.

Trump Latest Conspiracy Theory Involving Cruz’s Dad

Our cup is overflowing. That cup is the 2016 primary election cycle, and it is overflowing with controversy. Before conceding the nomination to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz thrusted himself as the main contender who could possibly take the nomination. Unfortunately, Trump made an effort to rebrand his opponent as somebody in whom the voters could not put their trust. This has involved every form of attack. Before the Senator, it was Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and pretty much anybody who stood in his way. Recently, the merciless real estate giant has made accusations about Rafael Cruz, the father of Ted. He began espousing a connection between Rafael and the Lee Harvey Oswald, connecting him with the assassination of JFK.


Where Does Donald Get His Information

Anybody who has followed the presidential election for more than a few consecutive moments knows that Donald is a fan of conspiracy theories. He will take any information from any source, so long as it furthers his cause. His critics have pointed out that he often shares information from fringe right-wing websites, or pretty much anything that favors his campaign or harms the credibility of his opponents. He received this particular story from the National Enquirer, which is not exactly a reputable source.

In response to this allegation, Trump pointed out that all of the information that one gleans from the Enquirer is not necessarily wrong. Some information that they put out has been legitimate. The example that Donald used that OJ Simpson. While that may be the case, that is not to say that the Enquirer is a reliable source of information. One wonders if he is seriously proposing that it is. After all, one may read in a comic book that the earth is round. But that does not mean that the comic book is a reliable source of scientific information. It seems that this is precisely the sort of argument in which Donald has engaged.


How Did The Senator Respond?

Earlier in the election cycle, the Senator pointed out that he usually begins his day by laughing about the last thing that Donald said. “He is a great entertainer,” said the Senator. But as the election has become inflamed, and Ted began to close the gap between himself and Donald, the attacks became more vociferous. Donald began attacking the Senator’s wife, suggesting that she was rather unattractive. Now that he is going after Ted’s father, Ted responded that the allegation was “nuts.” He said that Donald was “pathological liar.” With his usual wit, the Senator offered up, “My dad killed JFK, he’s secretly Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa is buried in his backyard.”


What Will This Lead To?

Some have expressed concerns that perhaps Donald really does believe what he finds in the Enquirer. If he is not lying, then one has to be very skeptical of his capacity to discern true information from false information. What is he going to question next? What sort of conspiracy theory is Donald going to be consumed in? Perhaps he is going to suggest that 9/11 was a hoax, perpetrated by the United States government. What if he reads something on the Internet about how Denmark needs to be nuked? How can the people trust this man’s judgment?